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So Fresh Toner - Neroli

So Fresh Toner - Neroli


Beautifully scented toner/body spray, formulated to help clean and hydrate the skin by using floral water Neroli . Whist essential oil Pettigrain helps to maintain skins balance. Refreshing scent makes it an ideal body spray (as an alternative to a synthetic perfume). Will help lift spirits giving you a positive outlook. Handy to keep in your handbag.

Recommended skin types

All, mainly normal, dry, sensitive, dry mature


To clean, keep skin hydrated and to keep you feeling refreshed. Great for travelling and air conditioned environments.

How to use

Can be used a number of ways. Spray lightly on face using a soft cloth or cotton pads remove any excess cleanser, make up or oil. Spray on face and whilst wet put facial moisturiser on, this helps to lock in the moisture into your skin; or spray on face and body leaving it to dry to rehydrate skin through out the day. Great alternative to a synthetic perfume. Follow by Intensive Eye Crème, and facial moisturiser (of your choice).


Neroli floral water and essential oil pettigrain. Full list of ingredients given on request

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