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Eco cleaning

Soap nutsSoap nuts are derived from the Chinese Soap Tree/Shrub (Sapindus Mukorossi) and are commonly known as “soapnuts”.  A multi-purpose cleaning product that literally grows on trees! Soapnuts are the shell of a berry, when the fruit ripens, it is harvested and naturally sun dried without the use of chemicals.  When immersed in water, the outer shell releases natural saponins, a rich and 100% natural cleaning agent. Providing you and your family with a safe, environmental and efficient cleaning alternative.

“Soapnuts” are not actually nuts, they are derived from a berry, the name has been formed due to their appearance being similar to that of a nut. They are not part of the nut family.

Ideal for skin sensitivities and cloth nappy washing.

Soapnuts can be used in hot or cold water.  Longer life span in cold water.  The same soapnuts can be used reused approximately 2 - 5 times, this depends on water temperature and wash cycle used.  The soapnuts start to become darker and lose their sheen once natural saponin is completely released.

Looking for good quality Soapnuts

With soapnuts becoming increasingly popular to the western world, it is important to recognise good quality soapnuts to lower quality soapnuts.   Nature’s Sady has done this for you, by only choosing high quality soapnuts.

  • Ensure the soapnuts are de-seeded (do not have the berry inside).  You are paying by weight and the berry carries a lot of weight with no use to you, and it can stain clothes.  You may find the odd berry, and if you do please dispose of straight away in a secure bin.  The soapnuts should be open as the berry as been removed.
  • We choose to use Mukorossi soapnuts as we feel the quality is high and they have a high saponin content.  They are more recognizable than other species, so you know you are getting what you pay for.

How to use soapnuts?

Laundry washing (front or top loaders) - Place 4-6 whole cracked soapnut for a normal load, larger loads  5-8 whole cracked soapnut in a knee high stocking or wash bag (with small holes) per wash.  If adding essential oils, place 10-15 drops in the softener dispenser.

Can also be used for pre-soak, hand wash heavy soiled and white washes (instructions given with purchase)

Softener:  No need to add a softener, the saponins contained in the soapnuts leave your laundry beautifully soft with no soap residue.

Due to no soap residue the soapnuts can also stay in the wash during rinse cycle

Dishwashing - excellent for dish cleaning.  They can be used in the dishwasher, pre soaking dishes and hand washing dishes.  Dishwasher or hand wash, simply place 3-5 whole nuts in a knee high stocking or wash bag (with holes).  For dishwasher place the bag near the cutlery holder.  Hand wash, place bag in sink and run water and start washing!

Multipurpose liquid - Add 6-8 whole soapnuts to 500mls – 1 litre of boiling water, allow to cool for approximately 10 minutes (can add 1-2 mls of one of Nature’s Sady’s essential oil blends at this stage)  Our essential oils will help preserve your liquid longer and also have antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties to enhance your clean .  Strain and place liquid in a spray bottle.  This can be used on just about anything, including bench tops, mirrors, windows, floors (wooden or tiles), jewellery, tile cleaning, pet cleaning,  control of some pesticides in the garden and even as a traditional Indian hair conditioner!